samedi 27 juillet 2013

LA DOMAINE ESEMAR - The Informal Château
                          NY Upstate U.S.A
               20TH SEASON EVENTS!
               Laurent LEBEAU will present 31 Artworks from his
                       Upcoming Artbook "SLAVE VIEW"
 La Domaine is the finest and best BDSM place in the World and let us tell you the Informal
Château has mentored we don't know how many Dom/Dommes and slaves! La Domaine is a story of 20 years of pure happiness and it remains  the best place you ever seen
You may attend to the events! They are gorgeous and for sure you will meet very interesting people you ever seen in the BDSM fetish World!
Laurent Lebeau is a very good friend of Master R and the co-founder of La Domaine becomes Ambassador of Laurent Lebeau art. During the event, the artist's latest work will be presented to the guests and some will be framed! You will discover a part of his 80 artworks Laurent has created for his coming soon book "SLAVE VIEW"
To have more information, schedule and RSVP the events you may have a look on
Each Summer and Fall season Party are described to

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