mercredi 2 avril 2014

                   COMING SOON

This near 60 pages Story features Mistress Lisa and Mistress Pai ling from Midori's Dungeon House of Dominance. Longtime friends of Laurent LEBEAU. This is the story of a Submale who needs to get strictly disciplined because is disgusting confession. Age regression and sissification seem to be the best solution to train that naughty boy! The E-Book will include 37 full coloured artworks. It will be released on Bottom Up Magazine website and this one....

                       "PREPARED FOR COLLARING"
A slave is going to be collared next week-end. It will enter in servitude for his new Mistress owner after the collaring ceremony. For this event. He should be well prepared and his Mistress will bring him to a special institute where slave are shaved, cock restrained and marked with very strict and humiliating way! The E-BOOK will be soon released on Bottom Up Magazine website and this one.