dimanche 2 octobre 2016

The lastest artwork
"The 7 Sins" 
70cm X 50cm
This artwork has been exhibited during last oriental Bondage Bar Augone at Osaka last September 20th to 24th and got very nice impact on the Japanese BDSM communauty! Now this one is available for sale and get priced to 4000€. People interested on purchase it have to contact the artist 
This price will include international FEDEX or DHL shipping and delivered with a certificat of authenticity. For more detail, contact the artist! 

dimanche 18 septembre 2016

                               LATEST NEWS....
              Laurent Lebeau in Osaka Japan
I have the great pleasure to telll you I will be on art exhibition during the four days Art Event 
offered by Oriental Bondage Bar Augone in Osaka
Thanks to my new friend and supporter Mistress Rika
In fact this event will be given between September 20th and 24th 2016
I will display my art with some other local artists
If you are in Osaka or around! Please come 

              Beautiful Oriental Bondage Bar
                         Augone OSAKA
There is a place in Osaka (in Namba area) I really suggest, it's the Oriental Bondage Bar Augone!
More than a simple bondage bars we can meet in the country, this place is an amazing one! It's on the lead of Mistress Rika a great specialist of Bondage and Shibari! The staff is nice and friendly, the fare very affordable and it deserve your attention for your next trip in Japan

                      FEATURING MISTRESS RIKA -    Osaka JAPAN
Such a nice meeting! Mistress Rika is a well fetish involved top lady specialist on Bondage and Shibari! She is performing in front my eyes and I confess I found some good inspiration for my next art. She is on the lead of Augone and believe me, she is a very nice person, open mind and an artist in the soul! My both magazines Bottom Up & Dressage will reserve to her a special interview and introduction... At this time you can reach her and get more info on her social networks
  TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Gold_Gender_BBB
  FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/rika.msr?fref=ts

vendredi 29 avril 2016

I am back into the scene!

 I have just finished this latest artwork! a very nice portrait of Mistress Cyber 
    New York - New Orleans - Mumbai 

                "MANDALA of the GODDESS" 
                                      70cm X 50 cm 

lundi 29 février 2016

                      FETISHI Club and Dungeon
                          OSAKA - JAPAN 

  I always been attracted for Japanese Femdom and I am now proud to cooperate with one of the finest and beautiful place of this country! I am pretty sure to find some inspiration and why not to exhibit my art in this lovely club dungeon! I suggest to make a little tour on their website! (click banner above).