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                                                Laurent Lebeau Golden Book

Your appreciations and comments will be very welcome! Don't hesitate to let yours via my email address or imply on my Facebook Page and don't hesitate to express yourself
   Your comments will be reported on my Golden Book ... Thank you !!!

                               Online Supporters

  RolfundJantanee Meier Germany: so HOT !!
 Liesje Travestiet Holland : ik wil die man wel nemen en daar na mag die mijn
Rosina la Campagnola Italy : Che bello essere cosi umiliati e sottomessii

                               Artshows Visitors

- " Ewoke emotion! Humiliate Men with the sublime power Women"
      Ms Julia (New York)

- " I like the paintings, in particulary Humiliation , Japense Red Flower and Power of Sunrise"
    Ms Dora (New York)

- "To Laurent Lebeau, this true artist of sexual and erotic artwork who really knows just how to get our pulses racing and heart beating faster with his rippling hot artworks, but then I would expect NO less from a Frenchman, Would you?"
  Master Greg Martin (New York)

- "We will continue our discussion, you have do a beautiful Gift"
    Ms Lissette (New York

- "One pervert to another... Pants on! We will stay in touch!"
  Tom from DEMASK (New York)

- "Very beautiful pictures for all over the World"
  Ms Patricia Fischer (Germany)

- "Great stuff!!! Love the briks!!!"
  Brend Sullivan (New York)

- "I love your use of colour red and black, I particulary enjoy your sketching works! It's beautiful... Lot of luck Laurent !"
  Ms Avalon (New York)

- "My favorite artist, so modest, so simple, so humble"
  Ms Laura Gar (France)

- " For this afternoon meeting! For him who knows to express by the way of his artworks, the art of my passion and from other. The Domination! For him who makes dream people, for a reasson and other, cannot live this passion. I dedicate some lines wqith all my friendship!"
    Ms Amanda (France)

- "Your work is so beautiful, but try oil painting!"
  Ms Helga Vany (Brazil)

- " Many people contact me to tell your art is wonderfull and I really love it!
  Madam Ina (Czeck Rep.)

- People I know in NY, talk very good about you!"
  Baroness (New York)

- "I love your artworks... Congratulation! OWK!"
  Q. Patricia de Guilford (Czeck Rep.)

- "I love your artworks..."
  Ms Christine ( Czeck Rep.)

- " Loved it all!!! Good Luck
  Rich (New York)

- " Your art is similar of Stanton, that is the reason I love it"
  Ho Redweick (Los Angeles)

- " Great to meet you, Laurent. You are wonderful artist and I really enjoyed seeing your art...The colors, the graphics job. Plus I loved that black background. I really loved all! Well done! Best wishes "
  Kent ( New York)

- "I loved your work. It was so complex and you have a great technique"
  Graig (New York)

- " I like the work a lot. The Four Jacks and the Four Queens, the four are crosses and it is particulary interesting!"
  Manfred (New York)

- "Beautiful art! Great, special technique. It was great to meet you
  Kit and Stefen (New York)

- " I dedicate those few words to someone who has great talents!"
  Your friend Steve (Belgium)

- " You are so talented, Lolo, I really enjoy your art..."
    Helen Tong (New York)

- " The Four Queens is a wonderful artwork.."
    Ms Vixen (England)

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