samedi 4 avril 2015

Tesseract in Nagoya

                             "TESSERACT IN NAGOYA"
It's long time ago, I guess 5 years I did not created any artframe as I was well busy with my illustration works and publications. Now... I am back in the Art scene, preparing my next artshow 
In Nagoya 
                            June 14th to 18th 2015 
               @ Stylish SM Bar "H" Nagoya. Japan 
During this artshow, I will exhibit 3 new large artframes and few of my illustrations for the book "Slave View".
For financing this project. I decided to make come framed (or not) repro copies of this artwork "Tesseract in Nagoya" and the other one I am now finishing "The 4 tales of Hibiki" (soon released) 
         That will be a great help for my further artshow !!! 

Repro copy will be printed, signed and will hold a number series. I will deliver each copy with certificate of authenticity 
                                PRICE PER COPY 
 Large frame 60cmX80cm 299€ plus Shipping (UPS or FedEx Overseas/Europe) 
199€ plus shipping (UPS or FedEx overseas/Europe) 

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