samedi 4 avril 2015

Tesseract in Nagoya

                             "TESSERACT IN NAGOYA"
It's long time ago, I guess 5 years I did not created any artframe as I was well busy with my illustration works and publications. Now... I am back in the Art scene, preparing my next artshow 
In Nagoya 
                            June 14th to 18th 2015 
               @ Stylish SM Bar "H" Nagoya. Japan 
During this artshow, I will exhibit 3 new large artframes and few of my illustrations for the book "Slave View".
For financing this project. I decided to make come framed (or not) repro copies of this artwork "Tesseract in Nagoya" and the other one I am now finishing "The 4 tales of Hibiki" (soon released) 
         That will be a great help for my further artshow !!! 

Repro copy will be printed, signed and will hold a number series. I will deliver each copy with certificate of authenticity 
                                PRICE PER COPY 
 Large frame 60cmX80cm 299€ plus Shipping (UPS or FedEx Overseas/Europe) 
199€ plus shipping (UPS or FedEx overseas/Europe) 

                      Consult me: 

samedi 21 mars 2015


                    ART EXHIBITION
            JUNE 14th to JUNE 18th 2015 
                    SM BAR- NAGOYA
After few years where I displayed my art in New York City every month! Be informed I am back with new artworks and I will go Japan next June 2015.
In fact I get the nice support and help from the delicous Mistress Hibiki who is well renamed for her awesome performance in the major event across the World! She let us the walls of her SM Bar next 
                              JUNE 14th to 18th 2015 
First day of my Art Exhibtion, I am inviting people to come during the PRIMARY Stimulus Party at the SM Bar between 7PM and 9PM just before NIGHT OF THE QUEENS private FemDom Party! Participation is free and we will offer a welcome glass of Creole Coco Punch or Planteur to our guests! 
Then we will offer special discount if you hope to stay in SM Bar for our NIGHT of the QUUENS Play party
                                      MORE INFOS COMING SOON!!!